Or: Why I’m using the baby-steps method.
This is my commitment to resume writing using the baby-steps method, also known as (profanity warning) “how to push past the bullshit and write that goddamn novel“. Here’s the idea: I’m going to write 350 words a day, five days a week, with the week-ends to make up the count. Though that’s a respectable 84,000 words in about 11 months, it’s not important to me to do a cohesive novel right now; I just need to learn to finish things again. So, this is going to be a mixed bag of original fiction, genre or otherwise, and non-fiction: stories, prompts, passages from WIPs, essays, and (sometimes) poetry, fresh-written (and revised, don’t worry!) every day according to whatever inspires me. If you like what you see, or you have a suggestion, or you just want to tell me everything I’m doing wrong, drop me a comment.

And now, a little sample to kick things off: three stories in exactly 50 words.

Fairy Dust
Later, they said it wasn’t my fault; the punt’s thruster locked on too close to the passenger shuttle. Even with computer assistance, traffic controllers aren’t prescient. Still, I can’t stop remembering that one image, the trail of debris like sparkling fairy dust, before I realized the dark specks were bodies.

Like an iceberg calfing, she slowly sank to her knees, spent. She looked around the room—upset furniture, littered knick-knacks and broken picture glass, one sad, lonely, Amaryllis lying limp and vulnerable beside its pot. The house meant to be theirs, together, was a wreck, and he’d never even know.

Amaryllis, the description said. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. The perennial blooms symbolized how love, even seeming dead, would always flower again. But without “proper after-bloom care”, it suggested, you’d just wait forever for a flower that’d never come. She slammed the pot with her elbow and dug into the ice-cream.

Today’s word count: 154
This week’s word count: 154